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The story behind Birds of the Middle of the World

Oswaldo Ponce —Owi as his friends call him with affection— was born in Quito-Ecuador in 1963.
He lives in Quito and his wild-garden welcomes and sustains wildlife such as birds and insects from the area that are in need of a space due to human activity.
Owi received his title of Electronic Engineering in 1987 and later in 2003 his title of Master in Business Administration. Because of his desire to continue growing as a person, expanding his knowledge and following his passions, in 2019 he graduated as a Master in Tourism with a mention in Sustainable Tourism. He wrote his thesis on photographic avitourism, avocation and profession in which he continues to work and develop till this day.
Several of his photographs have been used for scientific studies and for material aimed at educating the community about the importance of birds and the conservation of the environment.

Oswaldo Ponce
Master in sustainable tourism

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