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Birds of the Middle of the World

155 species from Quito and its surroundings

To enjoy the beauty of birds found less than two hours from Quito.

To visit Ecuador, the country with the world’s highest biodiversity per km² and its capital Quito.

To do photographic avitourism, a sustainable activity respectful of nature and people.

To help Ecuador overcome the crisis caused by COVID-19.

  • Hard cover book
  • 200 pages on PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) couche paper 115 gr.
  • 8.5″ W x 7.5″ H (22cm W x 19cm H)
  • Interactive: web page with GIFs and comments
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  • e-book is also available
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(Limited edition)

e-book US$9.99

(Available everywhere)

This is what the authors of the most important bird books in Ecuador have to say:

“It is truly heartwarming to witness within these pages such passion embodied in this eye-catching ‘labor of love’. Herein, you will find inspiring photographs, clear and useful travel and photographic information, and a key to the avian riches that Quito’s Metropolitan District and its surroundings have. The accompanying webpage brings everything to life! Digital photography has opened a new door to the wonderful world of birds that awaits the curious traveller, and Ecuador offers a veritable treasure-trove to enjoy to the fullest.”


Paul J. Greenfield
Co-author and illustrator of the book The Birds of Ecuador

“Oswaldo Ponce gives us a fresh idea, an innovative concept, materialized in an interactive book that is unparalleled; a practical, versatile and captivating tool; a tool that, in its own right, wins its space in every traveling photographer’s suitcase.”


Lelis Navarrete
Biologist, author of several field guides.

“It seems incredible, but it is true: among thousands of publications about the birds of Ecuador (literally), this is the first of its kind. Although we have some excellent books on Ecuadorian bird photography published in the last 15 years, this one fills (or creates) a new niche by providing its users with information about the ease of photographing over 150 species, and links it to an equally unique web resource: ‘photographs in motion’. Applause for its author.”


Juan Freile
Author of the book Birds of Ecuador, by Helm Field Guides.

Sustainable tourism in Ecuador, – the most biodiverse country per square mile in the world!

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Custom made photo tours for small, private or family groups.

Experience for yourself the thrill of witnessing such prodigious nature and help with its conservation.

Other tours and virtual tours are also available.

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